Blood Donation Club

About KYAU Blood Donation Club

“The KYAU Blood donation club” supports voluntary blood donation without compensation. Regular donors are the basis of a safe and sustainable distribution system of blood products, providing blood to those who need it. The goals of “The KYAU Blood donation club” are:

  1. To raise awareness to the students that individuals can save lives and improve the health of others by donating blood.
  2. To encourage students to donate blood voluntarily without compensation.
  3. To support the operation of safe and reliable blood services.


A safe and reliable blood donation system offers important support for health services. A patient always has the right to assume that the donation of blood, testing and processing of blood as well as the production and distribution of blood products has been carried out professionally. “The KYAU Blood donation club” members are committed to regular blood donations and a healthy way of life in order to meet the requirements of blood for patients. The members save lives while also preserving their own health and encouraging others to do the same. In club meetings, issues of concern for students are discussed, such as sex, alcohol, violence, smoking and drugs.

The organizers of “KYAU Blood donation” club are:

  1. Prof. Dr. Hossain Reza, Ph.D

Honorable Vice-Chancellor
Chief Patron

  1. Mohammad Taherul Alam

Assistant Professor
Department of MIS

  1. Md. Humayoun Kabir

Assistant Professor
Department of Law

  1. Indraneel Misra

Assistant Professor
Department of CSE