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Payment Policy:

Students who enroll at KYAU assume the responsibility of paying tuition and other fees in accordance with the following financial policies.

Course Drop and Refunds:

Dropping of courses can be done with 100% adjustable refund of tuition fees within the date as mentioned in the academic calendar.

Terms and Conditions of Financial Assistance:

The following conditions will apply for the continuation of the tuition fee waiver for the following Semester;

No tuition fee waiver for CGPA below 3.50 for undergraduate & graduate Students;

For any retake of a course, tuition fee waiver/ Scholarship will not apply;

Full time students must register a minimum of 15 credits for under graduate program and 12 credits for Graduate program;

Tuition fee waiver is not allowed for thesis/ project/ Internship.

Academic Session
KYAU follows the bi-Semester. The schedule of an academic year will be as follows:
Semester Duration
Spring March- August
Fall September – February
Numbers and Duration of Semesters

There are two regular terms each of 22 weeks duration in an academic year for all the programs. Classes of each academic year normally start in the 1st week of March. The academic activities are conducted as per academic calendar approved by Academic Council of the University before commencement of the programs.

Sl . No. Events Duration (Weeks)
1 Classes 07
2 Midterm Break 01
3 Classes 07
4 Recess before Semester Final Examination 02
5 Term Final Examination 03
6 Semester End Break 02
Total 22
Course pattern & Credit distribution:

The program is covered by a set of theoretical courses along with a set of lab/ sessional (practical) courses to support them. The rules for assignment of credit are as follows;

Theoretical Course- Theoretical Course- one lecture per week per team is equivalent to one credit; Sessional Courses- credits for sessional/laboratory courses are half of the class hours per week per team; Credits are also assigned to project and thesis work taken by the students. The amount of credits assigned to such work varies from o9ne discipline to another.

Course System:

The total performance of a student in a given course is based on a scheme of continuous assessment. For theory courses this continuous assessment is made through a set of quizzes, class tests, class evaluation, class participation, homework assignment, mid-term and final examination. The assessments for laboratory courses are made by evaluating performance of the student at work during the lab class, viva-voce during laboratory hours and quizzes. Besides that, at the end there will be a final lab test. Each course has a certain number of credits, which describes its corresponding weightages. A student's Performance is measured by the number of credits completed satisfactorily and by the weighted average of the grade points earned. A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) is essential for satisfactory progress. A minimum number of earned credits also have to be acquired in order to qualify for the degree. Letter grades and corresponding grade points will be given as follows:

Numerical Ranking


Grade Points

80% and above



75% to below 80%



70% to below 75%



65% to below 70%



60% to below 65%



55% to below 60%



50% to below 55%



45% to below 50%



40% to below 45%



below 40%












* Credits for courses with this grade do not apply towards graduation.

** Credits for courses with this grade do not apply towards graduation and they are not accepted in the calculation of the grade point average.

The Evaluation System:
1. Theory Courses:

Thirty per cent (30%) of marks shall be allotted for continuous assessment. class participation/ observation, class attendance, homework, assignment and class tests. The remaining 70% marks will be allotted to midterm & semester final examination, which will be conducted centrally by KYAU. The distribution of marks for a given course is a follows;

Class participation/ Observations 10%
Class Attendance 10%
Homework/ Assignment/ Class Test 10%
Mid-term Examination 30%
Final Examination 40%
Total 100%
2. Lab/ Practical Courses:

Thirty percent (30%) of marks shall be allotted for continuous assessment i.e. class participation/ observation, class attendance, homework, assignment and lab report. The remaining 70% marks will be allotted to semester Final examination, which will be conducted centrally by KYAU.