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WELCOME TO Khwaja Yunus Ali University

Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain

Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain, an entrepreneur with a most benevolent and compassionate personality was born on 01 October 1925 in Enayetpur in the district of Sirajganj. He had his primary education in a local Madrasha in his village. He completed his secondary education at the SthalPakrashiUchchaBiddyalay (High school). After successfully passing the Matriculation Examination in 1941, he got himself admitted into Rajshahi College and obtained his Intermediate of Science Certificate in 1943. He then went to Kolkata and successfully enrolled himself into Kolkata Medical College to study medicine. He graduated in medicine in 1948. Having been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, he joined the Pakistan Army in its Medical Corps in 1952.

After serving the Army for three years, he took self-retirement and turned out to be an entrepreneur. He started with an export oriented industry named Bangladesh Kapok Mills Limited in 1955 in Chittagong. Soon after, he established Alhaj Textile Mills Limited at Ishwardi in 1962, Alhaj Jute Mills in 1967 at Sharishabari, Jamalpur. He was uncontested Chairman of the Bangladesh Textile Mills Association for many years. In 1982, he established a pharmaceutical company named Drug International Limited. The Advanced Technology and Ideas Ltd. (ATI), an IT firm was founded in 1994. In 1997, Drug International Basic Chemicals Division was set up. Afterwards, ATI Ceramics Ltd was launched in 2004 to manufacture floor and wall tiles. In addition, he became interested towards contributing to the development of tea industry in Bangladesh and later, established M. M. Tea Estate Ltd. in Panchagarh . M. M. Multi Fibers Ltd was then founded in 2006. Because of his being an entrepreneur of the group of companies and at the same time as one of the highest tax payers, he was nominated as Commercially Important Person (CIP) by the Ministry of Industries of the Bangladesh Government.

Besides being a pioneering entrepreneur in many fields of trade and business, Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain concentrated towards helping the deprived community of society. Realizing the importance and urgency of women’s empowerment, he thought of creating opportunities for women’s education and he established a girls’ school, MeherunnisaUchchyaBalikaBiddyalay in Enayetpur. In order to provide the much needed health facilities to the poor people of Bangladesh, he established a 500 bed hospital as a non-trading concern in Enayetpur by the name of his spiritual leader, a Muslim Saint HazratKhwajaYunus Ali (R) on 124 acres of land which is managed by specialist doctors, trained nurses along with utilization of modern equipment. The hospital is capable of providing healthcare of Treatment of all kind of diseases. In 2005, Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College was founded to produce medical graduates at a private institution level that was able to draw students from home and abroad. Besides the Medical College, a Nursing College was established to produce skilled manpower for the demanding profession of the nursing.

The KhwajaYunus Ali Laboratory School and college was brought into existence to facilitate children’s education of those living inside the campus and the general public living in the villages adjacent to it. The school is functioning with the national curricula of English version. Dr M.M. Amjad Hussain did not stop his endeavor for uplifting the fate of his fellow countrymen until he could complete founding KhwajaYunus Ali University.

This extra ordinarily brilliant, disciplined, educated, honest, and patriotic person passed away on 11 September, 2012. May Allah bless his soul with eternal peace in Jannah!

About us

“Quest for knowledge”, is the slogan and motto of the KhwajaYunus Ali University. The creation of a knowledge-based society is the commitment of this university.

Our history

The journey of en establishment of the Khwaja Yunus Ali University started when the most benevolent industrialist of Bangladesh, Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain was determined to establish a university in his native village Enayetpur, Sirajganj in the northwestern part of Bangladesh in fulfillment of the Prophecy of HazratKhwajaYunus Ali Enapetpur (R).

In the meantime, Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College and Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital were already functioning successfully. After discussing with the members of the Board of Trustees of Khwaja Yunus Ali University Trust, he decided to found the university in the vicinity of the Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College &hospital. The official permission of Khwaja Yunus Ali University was obtained from the Ministry of Education on November 12, 2012.

Our Vision

Khwaja Yunus Ali University is a leading world-class academic and research institute of excellence, developing human resources and generating new knowledge to serve the community at large and the humanity as envisaged by Khwaja Yunus Ali (R) and transform into the cherished desire of its founder Dr. Mir Mohammad Amjad Hussain.

Our Mission

Khwaja Yunus Ali University is to prepare confident and competent world-class leaders by providing an environment for creative and active learning systems, preparing the learners with the highest professional standard in the areas of Science, Engineering, Arts and Social Sciences. Thus, it is becoming the Twenty-first Century workforce for sustainable development of Bangladesh and making a significant contribution as a citizen of the world.


Accommodation is more than just a place to live. We know how important it is to provide an environment in which you can thrive. Moving away from home for the first time is exciting but it can be rewarding, too. We are committed to making that transition as easy as possible for you. We guarantee an offer of accommodation for all new students from outside the District of Sirajganj who are studying for the full academic year and who apply by the deadline. We aim to do the same for as many students as possible who are studying for part of the year with us. Khwaja Yunus Ali University (KYAU) provides accommodation facilities for both men and women students in the campus area. There are two students' Halls - one for male and another for female students. Both have 256 students capacity respectively.


1. Reasonable cost for accommodation & dining facilities
2. Prayer Room
3. TV Room
4. 24/7 uninterrupted electricity supply
5. Purified fresh water supply from own Water Treatment Plant
6. Hospital at the adjacent to the campus (Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital)
7. On campus transaction facilities through Trust Bank Ltd., ATM booth opened for 24/7
8. Large playground
9. Attractive river view with a peaceful study-friendly environment
10. Beautiful, eco-friendly & healthy surroundings for living


We consider solving the health issues of our students as one of the important prerequisites in maintaining their academic activities uninterrupted. If a student becomes sick during his/her academic tenure, s/he can avail a unique opportunity of treatment facilities which will be provided by Khwaja Yunus Ali University.


The Library of KYAU is the “heart” of this institution and serving as an important academic resource for students and faculties. Since its inception in 2012, KYAU has been taking over all possible steps to build a well-equipped modern Library. Khwaja Yunus Ali University library has an inbuilt open access system to facilitate the library users to have an easy right of entry to the library resources. KYAU library is an integral part of the university and designed to meet the information, research and curricular demands of its students, faculties, researchers and staff members.

KYAU library is going to run through a fully automated system, the “KOHA Integrated Library Management System” and “Greenstone Digital Library Software”, and also offer a full range of information and inquiry services with the help of modern techniques and technologies. The library’s purpose is to enrich teaching, learning and research endeavors of the university by delivering easy access to relevant information resources and providing quality services and facilities. At present, KYAU library is procuring books of various important and essential titles, relevant academic reports and national & international journals and required audio-visual materials.

In addition to these collections, the library subscribes local magazines & leading national newspapers of Bangladesh. The Library also organizes orientation programmes every semester for the new students to demonstrate how to use the university library system & service effectively. Regarding membership issue, all students, faculty members, part-time faculty members, teaching assistants, research assistants, and officers are entitled to become the library member. To get membership of the library one should provide 1(One) copy of passport size photograph and 1 (One) copy of stamp size photograph. The person will have to fill up the library membership form.


The University has its own laboratories for the Departments of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Textile Engineering, Medical Physics, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE), and Management Information System(MIS) and the proposed Mechatronics & Micro Mechatronics Engineering.

The laboratories of each department are fully supported by the University to ensure research-based learning of the students. Each laboratory is equipped with sophisticated research-based instruments ensuring state-of-the-art facilities for doing practical and research work for our students and faculty members.


The University provides high-speed internet access (Broadband & WiFi) in different places of the campus that include an administrative building, central and Teachers Cafeteria, Library, students’ Halls, Faculty residence area and all parts of the campus.

The Library provides stations for connecting users' laptops to local area networks (LANs). Students, faculty members, and staffs use high-speed internet in the campus free of charge. The high-speed internet facilities are helping students tremendously particularly in gathering their academic resources online.


The university has a modern central computer lab providing computing and internet facilities to the students and faculty members/officers. The laboratory is maintained by experienced teachers and equipped with sufficient numbers of computers so that each of the students can use one computer to follow the lecture. Each computer is connected with LAN and installed with many required technical and educational software. The computer lab has served over the years as the hub for computer-related services in the campus.

It has a unique position in providing computing and network facilities to the campus to serve the University for all its IT requirements. Our students use this lab not only for tech-learning but also for virtual travelling in the Universities across the globe. We train and motivate our students to use this lab as a tool to learn about world’s renowned Universities, their admission requirements, application systems, and things what are constantly happening in the rapidly changing world.

Being paralleled to our English Language Club, the lab also serves as a great channel in preparing our students for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and other English proficiency tests required for their next trip to study abroad. Now our current plan is to expand the optical backbone network to students’ halls and teachers’ residential area with the availability of secured access of the academic and research materials very soon.


Co-curricular activities are typically, but not always, defined by their separation from academic courses. Co-curricular pursuits are integral to the educational program and - whether or not they carry academic credit - have legitimate links to regular courses. They strengthen and support the goal of teaching students to be responsible and fulfilled human beings with opportunities that develop character, critical thinking, social skills, and talents.

Co-curricular activities also provide students with a network of peers and adults who have interests and talents similar to their own. Students who participate have the chance to excel individually, be part of a group, and gain real-life lessons about the importance of teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and hard work.

Khwaja Yunus Ali University highly inspires the co-curricular activities of the students. We celebrate our important red letter days of our cultural and history, and organize discussions and cultural programs as well.

There have already been established some vibrant clubs in the university campus to lead co-curricular activities among the students:

  • 1. KYAU English Language Club
  • 2. KYAU Sports Club
  • 3. KYAU Business Club
  • 4. KYAU Science Club
  • 5. KYAU Engineering Club
  • 6. KYAU Cultural Club
  • 7. KYAU Debating Club
  • 8. KYAU Blood Donation Club